Monthly Archives: March 2014

March 24

Ear Weir

I guess that only makes sense if words are fish. But something is being intercepted between aural and neural signals – even if meaning and understanding are microseconds away from the initial slip of the ear. This happens often, although my hearing is supposedly fine. I found this instance amusing and tried to capture it. […]

March 17


  Spring equinox is still three days away, but Saturday was temperate with plenty of sun breaks to make everyone cheerful. The Urban Sketchers hit the waterfront park to see the cherry blossoms edging toward wonderful while listening to some intermingled live punk-SKA music at an anti-racism demonstration. However, since at a glance everyone was […]

March 08

Zen Metal

Few things can shift vague, stupid anger into focused, righteous anger like listening to heavy metal. (OK, still stupid.) This week reduced me to one small, mindless ZenDoodle and a vague, generalized anger – not a common emotion for me.  Busing home yesterday I had Metallica in my head and put on Symphony & Metallica when I […]