Zen Metal


Few things can shift vague, stupid anger into focused, righteous anger like listening to heavy metal. (OK, still stupid.) This week reduced me to one small, mindless ZenDoodle and a vague, generalized anger – not a common emotion for me.  Busing home yesterday I had Metallica in my head and put on Symphony & Metallica when I got home, but wanted a few original tracks, which for me exist only on long-gone cassette tapes. I made a Metallica station on Pandora and clicked through a few WordPress blogs “recommended for me” – still a novel concept at 2 months and 8 days of stumbling through the modern blogosphere. I landed on an awesome review of Frank Frazetta art while listening to Black Sabbath. It made me happy: random artifacts of a 70’s childhood populated by Older Brothers of Friends. By the time Dragula came on, I was good. Trying my hand at a cartoon. Harder than I thought.