Monthly Archives: May 2014

May 27

Peyton Play

I love Elizabeth Peyton. When I decided to settle into the arc of a blue silk blouse with couture excess, I didn’t know that I’d want to open up  Elizabeth Peyton and hope to channel that hue-magic onto a copied image from a catalog. I’m lingering for inspiration on page 179 – Sara, 2002 or […]

May 22


Another Friday’s Eve begins; Thursday is my favorite day. I like drawing straight-up with ink sometimes because there’s no possibility of going back. corrections are limited, and knowing that is freeing to just observe and enjoy the process. I bought the Manet postcard at Musee d’Orsay in Paris last September. She is Berthe Morisot au […]

May 20


My  morning obsession of the past week: The Sea God, 1977, from a compilation of Romare Bearden’s collage interpretations of Homer’s epic. The underlying grid  and the bold shapes and colors scratch a deep itch in my brain.  I actually was writing early morning letters two Saturdays ago and pulled out stamps I’ve had for some […]