Monthly Archives: January 2014

January 31

Happy New Year

At Comicon last weekend several of us sketched the dragon boat that hangs in the convention center. I decided to “finish” it by Chinese New Year.  “Finish” is still a little abstract for me. Especially in watercolor, my pictures look unfinished – floating apart or disconnected. My best drawing teacher ever shared a handstand metaphor useful in […]

January 29

Happy People Weekend

This was a happy people weekend. Urban Sketchers met at the Convention Center for Comicon and a Chocolate Fest running simultaneously. There is something magical (for real) when someone walks toward you in full costume regalia, you really appreciate the effort and commitment, give a huge smile that they unmistakably read as appreciation, and then […]

January 25

Grouchy Buddha

  Last night at the harried free Friday museum crawl I got two quick sketches before leaving to catch a former colleague’s band at 8:00 – except that it’s at 8:00 today. The buddha cracks me up because the mouth is small and tight under the nose – as if he too can smell my last […]

January 24

A Sole’s Revenge

The last time I cooked tilapia in my small apartment, I was firm in my resolve to eat fish in restaurants. Yet, time passes, memories fade. The tilapia was bad, but this little bastard (only $2.95 -wild caught!) is violating every porous surface in my house. It won’t go away. I challenged it with slabs of slow-cooked bacon, […]

January 21

Long (right) Legged Lady

This is my first homework assignment that is for posting to the online critique gallery. In spite of all my usual proportion and scale issues, I feel good about this drawing. It’s the most complex drawing I’ve done. Usually when things aren’t  working out because of a sorry foundation, and I’ve over-committed and don’t have […]

January 19

Babies, Bridge City, and Buckminster Fuller

For about two work weeks, for about one hour each morning, I’ve been overthinking and overworking a figure for my first homework assignment to post for group and class critique. Soon good enough will have to be good enough. I did join Urban Sketchers yesterday to catch up with some familiar folks and meet a […]

January 09

Penises, penises, penises!

I hesitated to add that title – some may wonder exactly which Internet site is hosting my tutorials, but I have to say that my 5:30 AM form practice of “the peanut” or “the bean” to use as the basis of a torso really turned into little circumcised phalli (?) – is that a word? […]

January 05

Urban Sketchers, Lan Su Garden

A very cold 10:30 am trip the the Chinese Gardens to take advantage of the food drive / free admission. Sunny, but high 30’s low 40’s! Everyone was bundled up and we got cozy at Floyd’s to share work or keep working by around noon – I couldn’t feel my toes. I like my tree. […]

January 04

Drink & Draw, OMSI

OMSI on the last Saturday before school restarts and before the Sherlock Holmes special exhibit closes? Madhouse. The Drink and Draw group met, but tickets were no longer available for Sherlock so we went our different ways in the free areas and outside, and later regrouped at Hair of the Dog Brewery to review sketches […]

January 03

Farewell Parisian Beauty

How perfect is it to be in Paris for the first time blowing your low exchange rate cash on paper products? Like, très perfect. I strove to buy something at the original Sennelier, but had already plundered my pocketbook on a fountain pen, fabric, three French graphic novels (Le bleu est une couleur chaude – ooh […]