Monthly Archives: February 2014

February 28


  It’s almost a likeness and I enjoyed playing with the colors on the paper, but in my mind, what he’s pondering is “Where’s the space between my nose and upper lip? Where has it gone?” Our faces are not symmetrical because they result from five sections growing together and fusing by gestational week 6. […]

February 19


Since my class a few years ago, where I was introduced to the “scribble” technique of layering marks, I clip random people out of magazines based on facial planes and easy-to-understand-values. Then, fishing them out again, I wonder who they are. Something about the emotion of this woman says to me opera singer or blues […]

February 18

God Nilius

The beautiful 19th century porcelain toilet, richly decorated with botanical motifs, drew many drawers to it.  In fact, the voluminous representations of “Nilius” at the post-draw lunch made the Urban Sketchers group wonder if we should all post only our toilet drawings to our local blog page. We weren’t sure what enticed us the most: […]

February 11


  The glamour of the ladies in Andrew Loomis’ book Drawing the Head & Hands makes me wonder how Mad Men ever ended up. I really enjoyed seasons 1-5, I think? Then I just – stopped. Still, I dig this book – one of six that I carted home from the library a few weeks […]

February 09

Form Light

  Form light, and directional line shading were my goals here. The directional lines created an effect I’m not sure I like – like wood or muscle fiber. This page in my notebook took all five of my pre-work morning hours. Monday I did the thumbnails, and Tuesday the outline, which required, and I think […]

February 09

Line That Divides

  This was preliminary homework for working with light and form. We were to trace over the line that divides light from dark on a few black and white photocopies of the lovely PDF photos from the site and color in the shadow shapes.  I decided to use my much loved gel pens and then, […]

February 02

Here’s The Culprit

Actually, there were about four scale and proportion culprits.  My favorite part was when he said “…then you lean back and you look at it and you go (pause) look at the size-a that foot!” I think he thought he was done, but as he walked through the steps he outlined, he had to circle that […]