My  morning obsession of the past week: The Sea God, 1977, from a compilation of Romare Bearden’s collage interpretations of Homer’s epic. The underlying grid  and the bold shapes and colors scratch a deep itch in my brain.  I actually was writing early morning letters two Saturdays ago and pulled out stamps I’ve had for some time – commemorative Romare Bearden stamps. I really looked at them. I pulled out my magnifying glass and really looked at them. I wondered what the four stamps looked like that I obviously favored – just a white empty track was down the middle of the series of four. Then I spontaneously got dressed and trained it downtown for a Central Library adventure day. I got two of his books, A Black Odyssey and The Caribbean Dimension. Above is a colored pencil study of Poseidon and I can’t think of a worse medium or paper to study the crisp energy of his collage work. But I think Circe is next.