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February 02

Here’s The Culprit

Actually, there were about four scale and proportion culprits.  My favorite part was when he said “…then you lean back and you look at it and you go (pause) look at the size-a that foot!” I think he thought he was done, but as he walked through the steps he outlined, he had to circle that […]

January 21

Long (right) Legged Lady

This is my first homework assignment that is for posting to the online critique gallery. In spite of all my usual proportion and scale issues, I feel good about this drawing. It’s the most complex drawing I’ve done. Usually when things aren’t  working out because of a sorry foundation, and I’ve over-committed and don’t have […]

January 02

Make Your Mark

Right, then. I was not looking forward to harshly lit cones and spheres, but was also not anticipating nude figure drawing incorporated into lesson two. Daunting, but refreshing. The next lesson works from the same drawing so I’m not sure how long to spend on these exercises: overworking vs. having to keep going on a […]