Long (right) Legged Lady


This is my first homework assignment that is for posting to the online critique gallery. In spite of all my usual proportion and scale issues, I feel good about this drawing. It’s the most complex drawing I’ve done. Usually when things aren’t  working out because of a sorry foundation, and I’ve over-committed and don’t have the stamina or energy to “redo” – I quit. I actually did some course corrections (and some over corrections – that especially long right leg was once  a short skinny little puppet leg and the foot was off by 45 degrees.) Some good things that I’m already thinking more about based on my tutorials are value – I used my value finder and kept darkening up parts so upon returning to the drawing with fresh tea, I found it more  three dimensional than previous efforts of the last four years. I’ve also never thought about line weight before and the “find the shapes” tips helped me draw my best feet ever. Goal: more holistically solid in less time. This drawing took between 6-8 hours over the last two weeks of 5:45- 6:45 AM sessions.