Penises, penises, penises!


I hesitated to add that title – some may wonder exactly which Internet site is hosting my tutorials, but I have to say that my 5:30 AM form practice of “the peanut” or “the bean” to use as the basis of a torso really turned into little circumcised phalli (?) – is that a word? I just didn’t see it until I was eating dinner and glanced over at my sketchbook and saw the horizontal, red “torso” with the directional lines tattooed across it and then I could see more clearly. It made me chuckle, but more broadly, made me wonder at the mind’s ability to see / not see. I worked on this exercise (20-25 beans and other shapes that act as other body parts) for three mornings as a warm up and couldn’t really discern how these were different from the example I copied … until I could. Oh man, that rib cage line is dastardly. More and earlier caffeine required!