January 25


Grouchy Buddha

P1020167P1020166 P1020168

Last night at the harried free Friday museum crawl I got two quick sketches before leaving to catch a former colleague’s band at 8:00 – except that it’s at 8:00 today. The buddha cracks me up because the mouth is small and tight under the nose – as if he too can smell my last post. I fancied it up this morning warming up the gold pen I bought at lunch yesterday. The “Smile of Wood” sculpture kind of creeps me out. It moves around the museum and you turn a corner and – creep out. But it was the first well lit 3D thing I saw with a quiet spot to stand. Today is International Sketch Day and Urban Sketchers is convening shortly for the Comi-Con and Chocolate fest … about right now. Yipes!