So long Sohyun. The third and final portrait from my spring copy of The Gentlewoman magazine is complete. I’ve taken a set of @Sktchyapp Procreate courses from Lisa Filion (aka the Pixel Princess) as well as a the Creative Bug portrait-a-day tutorial challenge by Charlotte @blueshineart. Their tools, tips, and techniques are all under exploration with this portrait, which represents my only successful attempt at cross-hatching.

I managed to jack up my layers per usual, but am getting better. The background is from a photograph of the counter at a local ice cream shop – cool patterns and textures are everywhere. I’ve stopped taking step by step photos because of the 30 second video recordings the iPad offers, which my humble blog does not support – Instagram!

Hand drawn cross-hatching with digital mixed media

In 2004, I got a Wacom and went nowhere. It wasn’t adequate for my high-maintenance, quick-to-frustration tech personality. In 2010 I wished had more traditional media art courses because the platform is so good. In 2012, I found Drawing Tutorials Online (yes, that’s a brand), but it was figure-focused and classically taught in graphite. In 2018, suddenly, the internet world is what I’ve dreamed of – high quality art tutorials, amazing tools, and myriad styles to motivate and accelerate practice and play anywhere at any time.