Her understated natural beauty is the perfect complement to Prada’s natty coat and a whimsical hat, which were featured on the cover of a New York Times fashion insert. Tomorrow is my third work trip to southern Oregon this year. It was during the 2nd that I started this – months ago. I have a consistent habit across all of my hobbies. I get to 85%-90% and then trail off. Things will languish for an embarrassingly long time.

My reason for Natty’s long shelf-live is indecision about what constitutes a finished piece. My hesitancy of messing up traditional media doesn’t apply. It’s the reverse. With endless chances to re-do or experiment, I just didn’t know when I was truly done. Then I started to get tired of working on it.

I haven’t tired of playing with layers though. Still getting the hang of it. Layers and Tool options contributed to the collage-effect of the finished image, which I dig. But selecting and deselecting layers also landed me a Vampire Ghost and something between an Invisible Lady and a burn victim.

Creepy beauty: An unexpected horror show star with selective layers.

I definitely benefitted from the flexibility of digital painting. When you work too close-in for too long, there are weird discoveries when you open up the gallery after some time away. How does an ear grow out of a cheekbone? And how do you get that far along and just not notice?

This blog has been a fun repository of learning, observation, and practice. But this will be my last post. I’m going Instagram – less words and images that don’t need expository writing. Thank you to all of you who have lingered, liked, or commented. Best of luck on all of your art ambitions.