She looks like she has one. In the flight magazine photo it’s based on, the woman is more skeptically amused. I tore out the photo on an Alaska air flight to San Jose last weekend to squeeze in some art time. I have been at a new job for nine months now, and it still surprises me how much brain power it consumes. My secret: on good days I remind myself I’m growing so much and work with nice people. On less good days I try to stop rehearsing my future exit interview on my way home. It still sucks up too much mental energy, but in 2018, I plan to spend more time on things that recharge me: partner, friends, family, art/knitting/sewing, travel, and community service.

The angles on this drawing are off, creating a solid resemblance but not a true likeness, which takes a lot of time for me to achieve. I outlined and began shading in prismacolor colored pencils, which helps me loosen up from the start as I can’t erase fully. It felt good to sink into a lovely face on the plane, and at the hotel bar, and be reminded that your life is your own, and that you shouldn’t be complacent about living the best you can each day.