Into the Woods

This is my second Thanksgiving on my Aunt’s twenty acre farm. It’s domestic in the way of humans imposing landscaped-order on nature, and wild in the ways of nature just beyond the circle of light cast by the little boiler house that provides a permanent scent of firewood and heat for the humans. Rejuvenating by day, and for this city gal, a little spooky at night.

But before the quiet nights and more HG TV than previously thought possible, there’s a train ride! I always go early in case I can sketch people. When trying to capture the fidgety human, SAPS can be very helpful: afflicted humans are still, quiet, and looking down so you don’t have to draw eyes – love it. (Disclosure: I’m manifesting some SAPS symptoms myself since I upgraded my phone from a 3 to a 6.)

IMG_0412    IMG_0410


For a break from “House Hunters” and “Chopped” I sat in the upstairs hallway to draw. It overlooks the vaulted living room and a mounted deer head. The walls are not actually coated in ketchup, that is just my traumatized watercolor mixing. The mossy caribou rack is mounted outside of the woodshed next to the little boiler house, which I really intended to draw. Maybe next year:)