Because the snake around the figure model is real! This month’s Dr. Sketchy event featured another unique and lovely model (well, two, counting the snake), booze, prizes, and the great music and ambiance created by the organizers and the bar space itself. I also reconnected with three folks from Friday’s Drink-and-Draw, and my old housemate. A good time!

I embellished this final 20-minute pose with my metallic marker at home and used my waterbrush pens to melt the pen ink and activate my swanky new Caran d’Ache watercolor pencils.

This was the first of the two 20-minute poses, also completed with my Pental Brush Pen at home – I need the full 20 minutes just to lay down pencil lines I can live with. The two below are 10 minute poses. At one point, the snake stretched out from the model’s head creating a weird Egyptian headdress that called to mind a most unusual hood ornament. Really enjoyable night.