Simone is my second portrait experiment in Procreate, and also from an editorial feature in The Gentlewoman magazine I used for the Rodarte sister I posted. I experimented with several layers and am getting the hang of being in the right one and how to choose when to add a new layer, but this small project demonstrates that I am all over the place with all the tools available to me: watercolor, studio pen, shale brush, bonobo chalk etc.

For Simone, instead of coloring over the top of an imported image, I did a simple trace to quickly get the scale and proportions in place to guarantee a likeness, rather than just some person. I need to work on my eye in that sense, but right now I’m less interested in taking hours to “get it right” foundationally than I am in exploring the possibilities of digital media.

Ultimately, the final portrait was all of the layers merged together. I did experiment with the order of the layers and how that affected the interplay among them. Then, at the last, I changed the background to blue and liked the effect on the underlying white spaces, even with blue eyes and teeth. I used the free app Pic Stitch to group the in-process steps together.