God Nilius


The beautiful 19th century porcelain toilet, richly decorated with botanical motifs, drew many drawers to it.  In fact, the voluminous representations of “Nilius” at the post-draw lunch made the Urban Sketchers group wonder if we should all post only our toilet drawings to our local blog page. We weren’t sure what enticed us the most: the luxurious experience of using an art toilet when plumbing was in its infancy, or the fact that every flush was a tribute to the god of the mighty Nile, as its model name testified. Regardless, the Architectural Heritage Center proved more than up to the task of sheltering our group from a fierce midwinter rain and wind storm on Saturday. My toilet is just OK, but better than the “Pile O’ Filials” that I tried to do in marker after seeing a compatriot do somethings similar at the Rebuilding Center last month.