It’s almost a likeness and I enjoyed playing with the colors on the paper, but in my mind, what he’s pondering is “Where’s the space between my nose and upper lip? Where has it gone?” Our faces are not symmetrical because they result from five sections growing together and fusing by gestational week 6. The philtrum is where the lateral sides meet and cleft lips are a by-product of an incomplete fuse. Yes, I have donated money to wikipedia. I love that sight. And if I want to credit Jewish mythology at all, this guy is pondering his pre-human existence in the spirit realm – the philtrum is the mark left behind when an angel smacks a newborn so they forget the divine mysteries. I over-reached with Hand, Face, Color, and Reverse Shading combined into one effort. I knew it was off when I started in December (and abandoned it), but decided to do what I could because it’s in a Moleskine accordion sketchbook (no tearing out, man). I do like him, but need to get back to foundations homework.