Since my class a few years ago, where I was introduced to the “scribble” technique of layering marks, I clip random people out of magazines based on facial planes and easy-to-understand-values. Then, fishing them out again, I wonder who they are. Something about the emotion of this woman says to me opera singer or blues singer, but who knows? I do know that I keep thinking I’m finished, like it, go back in, work on it some more, start worrying about wrecking it, stop, repeat. This time I see the value is way off and her closed eyes are sort of misplaced. I think that because it’s a ballpoint scribble drawing, should be much darker, and the eyes are closed, I could skootch the whole eyeline up … and likely totally eff it up. I’m submitting it for recommendations and as per a prior post, warming up to “go to far.”