Haystack Rock


I went to Cannon Beach on the 4th of July. It was beautiful, and there was a charming main street parade with some truly inventive “floats.” I want to do more small, on-site watercolors. This is my second attempt. I don’t yet have a solution to the awkwardness of having everything on the ground or my lap, but for starters, clips to hold pages down are on my list. I’ll have to keep trying it to figure out what works. I was pretty close and so the signature shape of the rock is lost- looks more like a mountain island, but in some ways it really was. Something unidentified sent the whole side of the rock into the air with hundreds and hundreds of seagulls in egress and squawking as loud as the ocean. In a less bucolic setting, it would’ve been really creepy. Next time, I’d like the full day and a base camp to nap, snack, and regroup – there were tons of tempting subjects!