Fur Potato

AKA Kylie, the Maltese-Yorkie-Who-Knows-What-Else-Mut with oversized ears and long semaphore tail that signals eager friendship. She literally sighs when she collapses against you for a little lay-down. I spent a bit of quality time with she and her dog friends at my best friend’s house AKA: The Dog Fort.


Imagine an old schoolhouse lovingly remodelled in the middle of beautiful nowhere, where no one locks their doors. The ground level apartments can all connect and adjacent apartments are inhabited by Best Friend’s Mom and Best Friend’s Aunt. And their dogs. All doors inside and out are open for free roaming around the fenced yard. It’s like a neighborhood kid gang, except comprised of Kylie, Pablo, Dexter, and … dog-cousin’s name escapes me.

Heaven for dogs. Hell for guests who want to take a nap on the couch. I threw in the towel and caught Kylie in one of her seven-minute respites between a call-to-arms bark to join the rest of the gang. She is adorable.


After Kylie took her attentions elsewhere, I sketched the scene that counted down the minutes until we left for the Bachelor-et-al party (guys & dames) that would kick-off the countdown to my best friend’s wedding. It was wonderful!