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The West Coast Urban Sketchers Symposium coincided with the Seattle-to-Portland (STP) race, Bastille Day celebrations, a zine convention, illustrator’s convention, a bead fair … and hot humid weather. We hosted guests from all over, who stalwartly captured the city’s architecture and people despite the terrible weather. Jaded resident that I am, I escaped into a favorite Japanese tea house and sketched what was right in front of me. I let the duel-mechanism cooling system of chilled barley tea and air con work its magic until we convened to share in front of the art museum (which generously let badged attendees draw inside to escape the heat.)

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Below are the sort-of-five-minute portraits that we did the night before during the kick-off social: Dear Anonymous Sir: You don’t actually look like the character of the fiendish Nazi antagonist from Raider’s of the Lost Arc – you’re just drawn that way. Sorry.