Kinda Sorta


It resembles me enough for my Urban Sketcher compatriots to recognize me. Kinda Sorta.

When I need to sink absolutely into Introvert Recovery Time, drawing and an audiobook are my go-to strategies. I unearthed my Ursula K. Le Guin audio short story collection The Birthday of the World and sank into my little storyboard Moleskine with a multi-color-lead pencil.

  • I used a photo because other old-school selfie projects have a slack-jawed, but intense aspect, since I’m staring intently, but express nothing else.
  • I permitted some moderate erasing; usually when I draw myself it’s a go-for-broke-no-outline-no-outcome meditation. This was a “scribble” process and took about an hour, hour and half.
  • I like how the single, but multi-colored lead continually overlapped into sepia tones in my eyes and lips.
  • My eyes are actually a little bigger and closer together, my teeth a little smaller and straighter, and I do have a neck, actually. But my hair has never looked better.


Just a page of in-between-hard-drawings sketches. On the right I used Artgraf water soluable graphite with a brush. Drawing feels so much freer that way. If you haven’t tried it — do!  I used my multi-lead colored pencil to add color on top.