Overly Friendly


Monday at Powell’s, Lidia Yuknavitch interviewed Sarah Waters and could BARELY contain her passion for Waters’ new book The Paying Guests – it was entertaining! I got there about thirty minutes early and awkwardly sat in some very poorly arranged chairs that (practically by design) made it impossible to see the guests speak or read.  After it started, I was the first to bail and leave my “good” seat to stand in the back so I could see. It was worth it. I’ve seen Yuknavitch read at a Palahniuk event at the Bagdad and her short story kicked serious ass, but she was like a kid in a candy store trying to host a good interview without giving too much away. Waters smoothed the way a little by stating that if you’d read any of her books, you know that the characters tend to get “over-friendly,” which audience members responded to favorably. I feel awkward drawing in public, but penciled the notion as it came to me sitting there. It’s my 3rd or 4th attempt at cartoons. As I inked it in I felt it captured the gist of the evening.