Ghost Girl

I finally got a video of this drawing – and found out I can’t upload videos without the video upgrade! The video is super slow-mo, but perfectly captures why using graphite on black paper was challenging for me:

  • It disappears.
  • It reappears!
  • Individual marks are hyper-visible.


I found myself fussy and needing the light and angles to be just right. Because every stroke is noticeable, I slipped into that less-for-fun / more-for-finishing-it-right mode that makes something wonderful feel like work; not what I’m shooting for in my down time. So it took a long time. (SloMo is right!) I like it a lot, although wish I’d been more thoughtful about the spread composition. The woman is unnamed from Scott Schuman’s The Sartorialist: Closer. 

It’s a solid likeness, but doesn’t capture the debutante elegance of the original black and white photo!