Let’s Get Digital

Di-gi-tal …


I wanna get



R.I.P Olivia Newton John.

It kind of pains me to see that a month has gone by. I really wanted to finish my Ghost Girl for Halloween. Instead, I re-investigated a drawing app I got … three years ago? After many unexplored updates and a PDF instruction sheet, I finally fooled around with Mobile SketchBook. Why now? Because in January my iPhone 3s will be FIVE years old.  I ordered the new one that looks like a shoebox lid specifically because I always thought I’d like my app more if I had a little more screen real estate. Yet I could never commit to an iPad. The 6 Plus seems to be the iPad mini-mini with which one can make the occasional call. So now we wait. For weeks … Four weeks.


Coco my dog sister visited me for my birthday. At age nine, the folks doped her up on Benadryl and she journeyed abroad for the first time. Over-indulged on the organic liver treats a bit, but she did well and I loved having her.


“That cute little dog looks like it’s crapping on my carpet!” True enough. The negative space behind the front legs definitely imparts a hovering booty, akin to the posture of poo. A nice thing about drawing on the phone is that I can go in and (in theory) fix it easily. I won’t ever, but it’s a freeing feeling.


The chicken was an attempt at the off-set cursor and in using the add-text feature. The last three sketches utilized the “symmetry” tool. The fish that swallowed a rock explores the use of layers: one for lines, one for colors, and one opaque layer over the top for water. The water currents look a bit like fumes. Still, a fun diversion full of cool accidents. I’d definitely recommend it and want to find out more about other drawing apps.