Peru & Chicago

The flight from the west coast to Chicago is about four hours. The timeless “right brain” state feels good, shuts down the mental chatter, and transforms long trips into wine and pretzel blips. I finished one of my earlier Scott Schuman fashion portraits with some Derwent Inktense blocksticks that I’ve been keeping in a pouch in my sketchbook. In theory I could layer other wet media over them because they’re ink and they stain, but the craft paper I’ve been using could barely handle one water brush application. I love this subject because of the way that Shuman photographs people from non-industrial, rural, remote places and presumes their agency rather than their dependency. He sees that even in economically impoverished zones, humans adorn themselves and however eclectic the options, individuals still choose how they present themselves to the world as originals. Fashion is frivolous, style is its elevated cousin, and fast-fashion is a resource-glutton written up yesterday in Newsweek. Despite all that, I’m a ¬†consummate people-watcher and love to decipher and imagine the personalities behind the presentations.