IMG_3832Still doing daily practice … but not exactly in art. Earlier in this blog I posted vacation sketches from my first trip to Hawai’i. It created in me a certain hankering for playing music. Easy, laid back Aloha pleasure. So different from the forced march of my jr. high school days of clarinet. The uke is friendly to be sure, but not effortless. It’s been my opportunity cost for several happy months now, but I miss the way drawing clears my head with a calm satisfaction that lingers. I love my pretty driftwood tenor. I love playing Sleater-Kinney on it. But to squeeze in some drawing, I’ve started photocopying images from my Sartorialist books by Scott Schuman. The compositions, subjects and colors are eye candy and they’re easy to keep in my sketchbook for lunchtime quickies or deeper dives with colored pencil.