Amoeba Church

Immaculate Heart of the Protozoa. Holy Order of the Microbial. There’s enough of a stained-glass-teeming-with-tiny-life vibe to this fancy doodle for a very, very small scale Dan Brown novel.

It was a good morning meditation piece from Creative Bug TV. Lisa Congdon has a series of materials and sketchbook explorations on CBTV that I’ve followed for the last month or so, working across a few themes. 

My first title was the more prosaic, “Pattern,” because the connections humans impose on the jumble of life around us to see patterns and derive meaning has been on my mind. There’s the Will-It-Into-Your-Space camp, and the Random-Universe-Probability camp. Each has its comforts. Today, though, I’m aligning with the later. The randomness of good things happening theory generates a more humble gratitude in me than the former, where in some way unknown to me, I earned the happy accident. I’m on the alert for ways I can induce random goodness to the warp and weft of the larger storyline.