Actually, from Blockhead to Bruiser. Creating fluffy kitten fur has a learning curve. As I continued ever-outward with my dry brush, this kindergarten cat’s head swelled to Sponge Bob proportions.


I couldn’t let it go. X-treme fur required an X-acto solution – one more anxious point-of-no-return in art-project land. Cutting and pasting, I felt good about this Christmas-gift-kitster until the final step. The undoable white-on-black. All the effort, care, and prior risks potentially lost in the end …

The whiskers.

My apprehension blossomed. Those simple eyebrow strokes transformed the straight-forward innocence of a kitten’s first day of school into what almost looks mean. Hopefully, determined mischief instead of outright mean? Please? The nuance of expression is what makes portraits so tough – especially imagined ones. I wanted to recreated the feeling of the first study I did over Thanksgiving. (Admittedly, more difficult without the Bonus Aunt plying me with Pomtinis as per our holiday ritual, evident here, from 2014 as well.)


Now that the gift has been given and I see it regularly in the home of The Significant (who has delightfully waylaid my art ambitions for six months with the newness of romance) it really bugs me! But it’s also a new year for starting new things and moving on. Time to let it go. I’m back in the saddle and have some morning projects in the queue. Welcome, 2016.