In the original photo by Scott Shuman (of  The Sartorialist), this man is clearly laughing at something. Hopefully that translates. Throughout this study I felt he was yawning – politely trudging along with me for the two-plus-months’ journey of lunch hours, stolen moments, and problematic-hand-abandonment. I finished it tonight sitting in front of a fireplace winding down a weekend visit from an old friend. 

It feels good to finish it. A life-long Japanophile, it’s no surprise that his Yukata caught my eye in a book so full of vibrant eye-candy portraits. I decided that I wanted fuschia rays behind him akin to the old imperial flag. Controversial as it can be within Japan, it is a beautiful flag (Hmm. How would that statement fly with me if the confederate flag was in use as simply “ornamental”? Not that well …) I busted out my Dr. Martin’s concentrated ink in raspberry, but still had to tidy up the lines with colored pencil. I’m glad I darkened the whole thing up. I love sinking into people, and am happy with this study, save one thing.

When I began, I wanted to use different media and make a big, bold, loose series of studies using different references. But after doing some loose watercolor under-painting, I slipped back into careful, tight, fussy colored pencils. Maybe next time!

From October:

(The problematic-hand-abandonment was mostly do to that attempt at “bold and loose” with the pink mitt. It left me with a foundation resembling rheumatoid arthritis. Live and learn.)