Avatar Dog

A friend visited last weekend and we went to the Apple Store and cooed over the iPad Pro. The drawing apps and pencil were really amazing.  I’ve wanted an iPad off-and-on for years, but couldn’t really justify it.

Still can’t, actually.  Not for awhile anyway. I decided I didn’t need it to do “looser, painterly’ pictures either. I just set the timer and busted out my Neo Color water color crayons and focused on mark making. 

FYI: Indigo’s parents are French and this is commonly heard when they visit! 

I added the lettering tonight and realized too late that the undiluted Dr. Martin’s would overpower the drawing. I backpeddled and balanced. I like how problem solving can land you with something you wouldn’t have thought to try. Although after I fine tuned it with colored pencils, Indigo still resembled the  Wiener Dogs of the Na’vi. And his muzzle appears too narrowed.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be drawing him again.