January 25


Everything about this effort was backwards. It began with lazily copying a flower motif from a throw pillow onto craft paper in my sketchbook: low effort, low attachment. I counterintuitively added the cat after and behind the flowers. 

I then began my descent into art supply free fall. Darkening it with peerless water colors, then guache; moving from dark to light (?!?); adding opaque white uniball and correction fluid; smearing the dried powdery gauche to make the existing bleeds and smears look intentional. And then, there’s that crazy cat eye. 

Eat your cheese. Drink your wine. Waste your lives by not petting me!

The good thing? I finally recognized what the color and shape of Sophia’s face fur reminds me of, although not fully evident here. She often looks like she’s wearing a samurai helmet. Definitely worth some future efforts.