March 06



#oneweek100people 2017 drawing challenge starts tomorrow. That’s daunting, but I thought I’d give it a whirl. Inspired by the writing challenge, NaNoWriMo, Urban Sketchers Marc Taro Holmes and Liz Steel  created a challenge to draw more from life.

I find myself in coffee shops a lot these days anyway.  

I also have a journal-notebook-paper-products-in-general stash (A.K.A. paper-product-purchase-disorder) that I turned to in order to start a contained collection of loose, colorful monkey-folk.

In the process I unearthed an old drawing that I started in a notebook, which I put away and never used again. It was from an exercise where you compose a still life of random things from your house. I filled up mine with only two things: fountain pen ink, and the chair I gave to my girlfriend. At probably 15 years old, I finally had to toss those silk shantung pillow case-faces away. Farewell first Pottery Barn purchase.

I see faces in inanimate objects all the time (you’re welcome). This week I’ll try to be both free and thoughtful in capturing as many actual faces and bodies as I can in five days.